How Climate Change Could Wipe Out Surfing


Dan Ross began surfing when he was five years old. Growing up in Australia, Ross dreamed of becoming a professional surfer. “As kids, my brother and I practically lived in the ocean at our local beaches and experienced its beauty on so many levels.” Twenty-five years later and now a member of the ASP World Tour, Ross travels the world for surfing and he’s seeing the dramatic toll climate change has begun to take — threatening coastal communities and the sport he loves.

How does this effect the value of your home?  We here at SCAS don’t know about you but who wants to live in a world without surfing?  Home prices will go up and down but surfing is priceless.  Think it doesn’t affect us here in San Diego? Wrong!!  Ever try to surf Law Street after a storm?  Notice the stench in Mission Bay?  The erosion of the cliffs at Swamis?  Will this effect the value of your property? Contact the appraisers at for your home value questions.

“In Australia, I’ve noticed higher tide lines and extreme beach erosion; its apparent all along the east coast … In America, I’ve seen places where houses are literally falling into the sea and you can really see the effects in California at Malibu and Point Dume.” And Ross says these changes are even more frightening for surf destinations such as the Maldives — with its highest point only 2 meters above sea level, it is currently at risk of being the first island nation to be submerged. “What would they do?” he wonders.Both the sport and culture of surfing are increasingly at risk due to the effects of climate change. Quite simply, surfing

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