California – New Laws for 2014


Happy New Year from Southern California Appraisal Services.

New California Laws  2014:

Homeowners whose residence is more than 20 years old will have to install low-flow plumbing fixtures when they do any major remodeling. SB 407. Bill was passed in 2009, but implementation date was delayed.


• Low-emission and zero-emission vehicles with just a driver may continue to use car pool lanes until 2019. Assembly Bill 266 and Senate Bill 286.

• Drivers who find parking meters broken will no longer be ticketed. AB 61.

• Teenagers under the age of 18 may not text while driving, even if using so-called “hands free’ devices that allow voice-command messages. SB 194.

• Counties may voluntarily hike vehicle registration fees by $1 to pay for anti-theft programs. AB 767.

• Motorists may order a special $50 “Snoopy” license plate to raise money for museums. AB 482 (Carried by Assemblywoman Toni Atkins, D-San Diego.)

• Motorists are required to leave three-feet of space when passing bicyclists starting Sept. 16. AB 1371.

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