San Diego Potential Home Buyers – Map Lets You Know Problems In the Neighborhood Before You Buy

map of problems


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“The building is being used for Swinger parties with large amounts of people. Alcohol is also being brought in by the patrons and checked with a bartender.”

That unedited snippet, labeled as Case 221825, can be found online at what San Diego’s Development Services Department (DSD) calls OpenDSD. If you’re keen to go code-violation surfing, the city’s happy to be your enabler, with thousands of posted reports, complete with mapped street addresses that are usually accompanied by Google street-view photographs.

Not long ago, the folks downtown launched an online information portal that allows the public to “track the City’s land development permit processing functions.” Civic pride in evidence, the department boasts, “the scope of the data published exceeds that of any other city.”

Indeed, the city, while highlighting public access to prosaic fare such as permit applications and building inspections, goes on to note that “case activity is also provided.” Boy, is it ever. Jim Myers, deputy director at the Development Services Department says, “I don’t know of any other city that’s gone as far to make this information available to the public.”

You can find a lot of things online these days, including stuff that, in decades past, could only be obtained by combing through dusty folders or peering through microfiche viewers. If you want to stare down a cold-eyed con in safety or skulk around the neighborhood playing “Who’s the child molester?,” mug shots abound, courtesy of Megan’s Law. And if that’s not lurid enough, there’s always “The Faces of Meth,” exported from the redoubtable gendarmes of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department up in Oregon. But if you long to keep your voyeurism local, the OpenDSD database, which covers the entire city, allows you to cruise and peruse code-enforcement cases going back to 2011.

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