Solar Panels Review – find the right panels for your home

If you’ve decided to make the move to solar, kudos to you! While the initial cash outlays can be high, solar energy can drastically reduce your electric bills, providing substantial savings over time. Solar panels can also increase the value of your home. A 2011 Berkeley National Laboratory study of 72,000 California houses sold between 2000 and 2009 showed that homes with solar power generally increased in value by about $17,000 more than homes without solar power. And finally, going solar will reduce your carbon footprint, giving you the satisfaction of knowing that with one home improvement, you’ve done a great deal to protect the environment. Solar panels need not detract from the aesthetic appearance of your home, either. If you choose wisely, they can blend in nicely.

Solar Panels for Homes: What to Look For

Electing to install rooftop solar panels presents some complex decisions for any homeowner because there are so many variables to evaluate – the angle of the roof, the sun’s trajectory over your home, local laws and HOA restrictions on home renovations, whether rebates or other financial incentives are available in a particular community, and much more. There are city, county and state rebates in a variety of places in the United States. Not every community offers such incentives, of course. However, a number of places will provide a tax rebate or other type of financial incentive to people who install solar panels.

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