Fresh Ideas in Flooring

Where to start

You have more choices than ever in flooring for your home, and the choice of what to use should start with functionality. How much wear will it take? How will moisture impact it? How easy is it to maintain? How hard or soft is it underfoot? Trends change over time — remember carpeted master baths? — but it always comes down to what works best for your household.

As there are multiple options to meet different needs, resale is another factor to keep in mind. Where you live should factor into the flooring type you choose in order to get the best return on your flooring investment.

Going green

Many homeowners are interested in environmentally friendly flooring, and they have more options to choose from, too. Their reasons might be health-related, sustainability or both. “Green choices in flooring are readily available and are classified as either made from a renewable resource, made from recycled material, recyclable after use or a combination of these,” Ross explains.

Bamboo fits into the renewal category, notes Cole’s manager Fratt. It also repels moisture, which hardwood does not do, but there are some cautions: “There have been some companies found to purchase flooring products with higher amounts of formaldehyde in the product in order to save money. Coles is not one of those companies,” he emphasizes. “All of our products have passed all regulations by the California Air Resources Board. It’s good for consumers to know that if products are sold too cheaply, there must be a reason.”

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