Is your home in a flood zone? El Nino is on its way report says

brace thyself for El Niño.

That’s the advice from the National University System Institute for Policy Research, which reported Tuesday that nearly 5,000 businesses and 55,000 residents of San Diego County are living in “100-year flood” zones susceptible to a strong storm season.

Link to interactive flood map:

Problems in San Diego ranged from destroyed homes and buildings to shoreline erosion and road damage. “A 1998 report from the California Coastal Commission identified 23 El Niño-related emergency permits issued in San Diego County in the 1997-98 winter, including $700,000 in storm related damage to the Oceanside Harbor, and $1.6 million in damages in Del Mar,” noted the National University report, which was written by senior analyst Vince Vasquez.

Tourism and agriculture are particularly vulnerable. Visitors might shun the region, and heavy storms with high winds tend to damage fruit crops and destroy greenhouses.

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