Common remodeling mistakes and how to avoid them


Renovations are supposed to bring out the best in a property, but sometimes they go hair-tearingly bad.

Not only are reno mistakes expensive and unsightly, they can also seriously devalue your house.

Worse still, if left unfixed, a botched reno can damage other parts of the house or even be a safety hazard.

The good news is these common reno disasters can be avoided.

Poor Painting – If slapping on a coat of paint is the icing on the cake, some DIYers forget to do the baking. Ignore fundamental surface preparation and you could be left with a pretty mess, says renovation specialist Charyn Youngson of Houses to Impress.

“If there are cracks you need to fill the cracks with the right type of filler and then carefully sand the area until it is perfectly smooth,” she says.

“This is an art in itself and no amount of paint will hide unsightly rough surfaces.”

Thoroughly clean walls or ceilings stained by mould or nicotine and use an appropriate undercoat sealer, Youngson advises. Otherwise, the mould or nicotine can bleed through the new paintwork.

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