Real Estate Agent Reports: The Most “Valuable” aspect of a Home

When you sell property, you’ll find that some aspects are much more valuable to prospective buyers than others. Check out our list of what features get buyers to reach deeper into their pockets, and what aspects can prove difficult to sell.

Disclaimer: for information and entertainment purposes only.  If you have value questions regarding your home contact the appraisers at

Adding value –  Floor plan is the key, says Damon Warat; real estate agent.  Entertaining areas, views, elevation and the layout remain the most important. Fixtures and fittings can be amended, but layout becomes difficult and expensive to change.”

Ray White Adelaide’s principal, Brett Pilgrim, is in agreement: “Everybody is different; however, the majority first search by number of bedrooms and/or bathrooms. Then they really spend some time on the floor plan – that has to work for them.

“The wow factor of a property certainly helps things, like renovated kitchen, bathrooms and a nice street frontage; but I think we have seen a big change, more to the opportunity a property provides. So a finished home is not always as popular as something that can be renovated.”

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