Getting Your Home Ready for El Nino

San Diego:

One of the most significant home maintenance jobs you can tackle now is the cleaning of your rain gutters, particularly making sure that water will flow freely through the downspouts.

“There are so many consequences you face for not doing it,” said David Stankas, head of Nor-Cal Maintenance, which specializes in maintaining rain gutters.

If the rain gutter system is clogged and a downspout isn’t working, the gutter can become heavily laden with water — 7.5 pounds per gallon. If you have a deep gutter of up to 7 inches, the weight will cause so much stress, the seams can crack or the gutters fall off completely.

Water that is not directed properly can also pour over and hit the middle of the house and rot out the bottom of the second story. It can create problems in your foundation or damage the sub-roof to your structural framing.

He said he had a recent customer who mentioned that her gutters were clogged and water was spilling over and had gone into her dryer vent.

“It rotted the floor underneath the second story. She didn’t know until they were remodeling. It was $20,000 worth of damage, “ he said, “all due to that clogged rain gutter.”

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