Strange things you can do to make money from your house

Let people camp out in your yard – Renting out your garden to campers might be an option for you.  Homecamp, a startup launched in August, allows you to advertise your home’s garden to travelers. They’ll pay to come along, pitch a tent and stay a while.

Victoria and Sydney have the most listings on the website, ranging in price from $10 to $50 a night.

You can indicate whether you’ll accept caravans, tents, campervans and motorhomes and the number of people you’re willing to host. It is recommended that the guests have access to a bathroom, which could be a basic composting toilet or access to the bathroom in your home. Homeowners should check with their insurers to make sure they have the appropriate cover.

Use your driveway for paid parking – With parking prices skyrocketing in many inner-city areas and growing congestion, your driveway could be a goldmine. If you’re in a sought-after area, particularly near employment hubs, there could be an opportunity for you to make money from this space. Some homeowners advertise directly to locals, but another option is to market vacant parking space on Park Hound.

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