Portable, Enviromentally friendly Ecocapsule

ecocapsuleA Slovakian architecture firm has started selling environmentally-friendly pod homes for a fraction of the cost of most Aussie real estate.

Prices for the micro-homes, called Ecocapsules, start at €79,900 ($121,000 Aus)  ($86,000 USA dollars) and they can be shipped to Australia for €1,900.

The self-sustainable pods, created by Nice Architects, rely on solar and wind power as well as rainwater collection.

They can be taken almost anywhere on the globe, meaning the luxuries of a hotel room are now available in the wilderness.

Or alternatively they could be used as a backyard granny flat, though it is unclear when Australian councils would land on the matter.

read more at: http://www.domain.com.au/news/the-ecocapsule-a-movable-environmentallyfriendly-mini-home-20150716-gidsq3/

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