How to add “value”to you home in a long weekend


With labor one of the biggest costs of any renovation, there are some big savings for those willing to tackle some of their own more strategic projects around the house.

Armed with a paintbrush, drill and plenty of stamina, you can achieve amazing transformations in a relatively short time. If you’re prepared to put in some hard yards this long weekend, here are five cosmetic improvements that will really add value to your home.

Firstly, painting should be your first consideration and virtually everyone is capable of this cosmetic improvement. Just be meticulous with your preparation and always use good-quality paint and equipment. In 25-plus years of renovating, I’ve never found anything as powerful as paint for achieving miracle transformations in really tight time frames. Opt for a neutral palette that won’t date, especially if you’re renovating with buyers or renters in mind.

The next focus should be a facelift for your kitchen or bathroom. Be warned; if your kitchen and bathroom need complete replacing, that’s certainly no weekend project. However, if they’re structurally in good condition but just cosmetically the wrong colour, or dated, then some of the specialty paints on the market will produce miraculous results.

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