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5 unexpected things that will drive you crazy when you renovate

1. Tradesmen will see you at your best and your worst

You might start out getting up early and making an effort but after months of having tradies​ in every room of the home from 7am, privacy mishaps will occur.

You will be caught possibly, but not definitely: on the toilet, in your pyjamas having just woken up with a creased face and mad hair, bra-less and/or wrapped in a towel.

Your home is no longer your own so just get used to all the extra people and relax into it. If you can afford it, move out and save everyone the embarrassment.

2. Marital stress will increase and you will lose it with each other at least once

Renovations are stressful and require great patience and tolerance for things not going to plan and vast quantities of paperwork.

Everyone has a tipping point and after a fair few weeks of chaos sharing one toilet with the tradies and having no sink, my moment came after spotting my son’s dirty shoes in with the (supposedly) clean dinner plates.

There were expletives and possibly tears but I can’t remember too much due to the red fog of crazy that came over me and then I dropped a full box of uncooked spaghetti on the floor and with that, we all went out to the pub for dinner. Again.

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How to add “value”to you home in a long weekend


With labor one of the biggest costs of any renovation, there are some big savings for those willing to tackle some of their own more strategic projects around the house.

Armed with a paintbrush, drill and plenty of stamina, you can achieve amazing transformations in a relatively short time. If you’re prepared to put in some hard yards this long weekend, here are five cosmetic improvements that will really add value to your home.

Firstly, painting should be your first consideration and virtually everyone is capable of this cosmetic improvement. Just be meticulous with your preparation and always use good-quality paint and equipment. In 25-plus years of renovating, I’ve never found anything as powerful as paint for achieving miracle transformations in really tight time frames. Opt for a neutral palette that won’t date, especially if you’re renovating with buyers or renters in mind.

The next focus should be a facelift for your kitchen or bathroom. Be warned; if your kitchen and bathroom need complete replacing, that’s certainly no weekend project. However, if they’re structurally in good condition but just cosmetically the wrong colour, or dated, then some of the specialty paints on the market will produce miraculous results.

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Renovating for Profit

If there was ever a lesson that renovating is a mugs’ game – it was in the bitter disappointment of Mark and Duncan at The Block All Stars auction.

Despite six weeks of hard work – and stress – the buyers just didn’t fall in love with the fellas’ quirky ideas.

There was the fish tank (beautiful but requiring effort to maintain it) in the fireplace. The kid’s bedroom – a great idea, well-executed but limiting the buyer pool to someone with children (boys in particular), or a purchaser prepared to redecorate or rip out the room and start again.

And the “silent” talking birds in the backyard – although admittedly you could easily remove the bird cage if it wasn’t your thing.


There were plenty of elements that those on the hunt for a property could either love – or hate – at Mark and Duncan’s.

Even the animal-print splashback in the kitchen was different enough to potentially divide the market.

And while the backyard was gorgeous, its multiple levels and fish pond almost certainly would have put off families with babies and toddlers who wanted a safe, easy garden (like Phil and Amity’s) and investors desiring a property that had broad appeal to renters. The boys’ garden design was also somewhat at odds with the kids’ room inside (although admittedly the bedroom was designed for older kids).

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Is the lesson that when you’re renovating with the intention of selling you should keep it safe, go mainstream and some might even say, a little boring?

In some ways, yes.

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