Tips for decorating a nursery


Decorating Your Nursery: Keeping It Practical, Stylish And Baby-Friendly

What are some of the first things you should consider when planning a nursery?

“I think it’s nice to start with a vague look and feel you’re after (create yourself a mood board of sorts on Pinterest) but without getting too rigid about a theme or colour scheme,” Francis told The Huffington Post Australia.

“If I’m honest, I think most mums design nurseries for themselves rather than their babies, who are too young to care anyway! And I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Planning the nursery is a huge part of getting prepared for and excited about your baby’s arrival, practically and psychologically.”

Decorating Your Nursery: Keeping It Practical, Stylish And Baby-Friendly

What should a good nursery have?

“It should be somewhere both mum and dad and the baby will enjoy spending time, have heaps of storage and all the practical things like somewhere to change nappies, dispose of nappies, put clothes and all the other things that come with babies out of reach of babies, who start crawling and walking before you know it!

“It also needs to be safe, so some considerations there would be making sure there’s adequate ventilation around the cot, that nothing is hanging precariously on the wall over a cot, that there aren’t loads of cushions and toys in a cot which could present a suffocation hazard, etc.”

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