Hurricane-proof buildings made from plastic


Hyman’s here with his surfing mate Ken McBryde, a Sydney architect, to hand over 14 specially-designed category-five-cyclone-proof buildings.

The Nev Houses, made out of recycled plastic, will go to 12 tribes on the island.

“They’re the happiest people on the planet and we want to protect them from cyclones,” Hyman told AAP.

McBryde has studied indigenous housing for years, especially Aboriginal tin camps in NSW.

“The key thing about the design, apart from being cyclone resistant, is that it has been carefully designed to connect nicely with village life, and it’s designed for the tropics,” he told AAP.

The verandah keeps the hot sun and driving rain off the walls and allows the windows to let the breeze through.

The buildings, which can be erected in five days, also have solar power.

When the next cyclone rolls in, the buildings in this project’s first phase will be able to protect 1000 people.

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