Creating a stylish home on a budget


Sometimes you walk into a home and it’s hard to put your finger on exactly why, but you just know it oozes style. And it’s not all about the contents of the house either, but rather the way they are displayed. I am regularly asked what defines a “stylish” home and after some serious contemplation and memory archiving, I have managed to compile a shortlist of commonalities. The one thing I can assure you of, though, is the non-existent correlation between style and the state of people’s bank accounts. It needs more than money thrown at it – as they say, “you just can’t buy style”.

Knowing where to bomb money

The other differentiator with stylish homes is their sixth sense of knowing where to bomb their money. And the more interesting ones are not full of high-priced unachievable items either, but rather an interesting mix of inexpensive with collectible. I have met many a homeowner that has chosen a decrepit old couch from a junk store for its shape but had it reupholstered in the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier fabric so that you would never know its original price tag. And others that have mixed a high end dining table with chairs from IKEA. Knowing where to spend it, and what to spend it on can be the game changer to a layered and stylishly appointed space.

In my humble opinion, it’s often these traits that are “invisible to the naked eye” that set a home apart from the crowd – rather than its contents alone – and define it as stylish.

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