7 Current design trends that will date your kitchen the most


What does the typical 2016 kitchen look like? Which trends will date and which will stand the test of time? We consulted the experts to ensure your next kitchen is as stylish and timeless as it can be…

Brick Splashbacks – Splashbacks can completely transform a tired-looking kitchen, creating a focal point within your layout. Flip through any glossy magazine and you’ll see that the brick pattern has been hugely popular of late. Yet whatever goes up one season must inevitably come down the next. As Melbourne-based interior stylist and founder of Homeroom Studio Romy Dankner says, “I love a good trend, but when something reaches a certain level of popularity, I tend to run in the opposite direction! My advice would be to keep clear of the dark grout-white tile combination and stick to tone on tone.”

Nordic Light – Typically, Scandinavian design favours pale and delicate colours, including natural and light-finish woods for the kitchen. This minimalist and clean look will be popular for some time, but too much of it can appear bland and monotonous. “Polytec offer some amazing colour options that contrast beautifully with these light tones, allowing their natural beauty to come through,” suggests Dankner.

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