9 simple design tricks to make your bathroom work harder


1. Say goodbye to a separate shower and bath
If you’re planning on renovating your bathroom, a simple way to free up floor space is to ditch the idea of having a separate bath and shower, and work a shower-bath combo into the design instead. This space-enhancing trick will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds – without compromising on your bathing needs and preferences – whileproviding more room for storage, as well as floor space to move around, too.

When it comes to choosing where to position your shower-bath, it may be easier (and more cost effective) to install a showerhead over your bath, rather than moving it to a completely different spot altogether, as doing so will save you from making extensive changes to your existing plumbing.

2. Install an exhaust fan
Does your bathroom suffer from poor ventilation? Short of ripping out a hole in your wall and fitting a window in its place, the next best thing is to install an exhaust fan in the ceiling. This simple update will help rid your bathroom of fog-inducing steam (the mortal enemy of bathroom mirrors); humid, mildew-producing air; and musty odours, creating a bathroom that’s healthier, safer and easier to clean. Plus, with improved airflow, foggy mirrors will be a thing of the past, which means you won’t have to wipe down or struggle to see yourself in the reflective surface, making your morning and nightly grooming routine more streamlined and a whole lot quicker, too.

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