Biggest interior design trends for 2017

Natural tones

“In 2017 we will be seeing more natural tones, which create a rustic yet controlled vibe,” says multi-award-winning Melbourne interior designer David Hicks. “Olive, terracotta, cinnamon and indigo are a few big ones to look out for. Accents of copper and silver will also continue to be big.”

“Colours to look out for are mustard, shades of purple and mauve and variations of green and blue,” says Jessica Bellef, head of styling at Temple & Webster, the online retailer of furniture and homewares. “Indigo is a continued darling of the colour trend world, but we will see the evolution of it in washed finishes and lightweight chambray fabrics, lending a more casual feel to the look.”

Mid-century design

“We will see a move away from contemporary design, with the focus coming back to form and function rather than design for design’s sake,” says Hicks.  “Mid-century will return to favour as a core design influence. This trend will play up the beauty in everyday materials and will be almost brutalist in its aesthetic.”

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