Style “resolutions” for your home


There’s no better time than the New Year to review what’s going on in your life – and why should your home miss out on the love?

Here are several New Year’s resolutions that are perfect for creating the home you want in 2017:

Keep, chuck or reuse

The simplest thing you can do to refresh your home for a new year is to declutter. “When you take away the clutter you see what you love about the house,” says Sophie Kost, Director and Lead Designer of My Beautiful Abode.

Get into each room and consider the things you want to keep, those you want to get rid of and the items you could repurpose. “Do it in 15-minute bite size pieces,” adds Kost, “if you keep this up, it can be an amazing transformation.”

As a bonus, decluttering is completely free – and if you’re lucky you might even make some money from selling the things you no longer love.

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