Kitchen layouts to consider when remodeling


“Think about the way you like to use your equipment in the kitchen and then plan accordingly, because you need things to flow while you’re cooking. It needs to be functionally planned. I love to have a lot of benchtop space in my kitchen so that things don’t get crowded when I cook and I have room to be creative.”

When it comes to choosing a domestic cooktop and oven, Bennett advises starting with the obvious elements. For example, decide whether you’d prefer an induction or gas cooktop, a steam or a traditional oven.

“When deciding, think about factors such as the general aesthetic of your kitchen and also about functionality – how do you like to cook? A great way to help you decide on a cooktop or oven is to go to a demonstration class, like the ones available at Miele Experience Centres, where you can actually be shown how the appliances work and taste the food produced,” he says.

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