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12 ways to give your kitchen a new look without starting over

kitchen rug

A kitchen that is relatively lovely but a touch on the boring side can benefit from a quick-fix design idea that can instantly create a walk-in wow factor. Choose from 12 novel ideas below, some of which can be actioned in less than an hour. Others are small projects that may need a little preparation and application time, but the time and effort you invest can yield eye-popping results.

1. Add a rug
Immediately add pattern and texture to a minimalist-style kitchen by adding a floor rug with a geometric pattern or colourful design. Choose an outdoor mat made from recycled plastic to repel stains caused by cooking spills and spits, or source a flat-weave hardwearing natural fibre rug that can be washed. Minimise any risk of tripping over it by fixing a non-slip pad to the back of the rug.

2. Install a bookcase in the kitchen
It may not be entirely practical but it sure looks good to have some of your intellectual and cultural capital on display in the busiest room in the house. A ‘well-stocked’ bookcase can add miles of charm to a kitchen, especially to one that looks a little too clinical (i.e. all-white). Fill the bookcase with your favourite cookbooks or designer tomes, or stack it full of novels you’ve read (or plan to read). If the bookcase (a narrow, stackable type is pictured here) is close to a breakfast bar or table in the kitchen, you get the added advantage of being able to read a few pages between cooking procedures when preparing meals.

3. Put up a chalkboard
Chalkboards in kitchens are not just practical for busy families and members of a share house, but can also be a striking kitchen feature. A board painted with chalkboard paint can be affixed to a plain wall facing the kitchen space. You’ll need to prime the board first and then apply at least two coats of writeable and erasable latex chalkboard paint, which can be bought from a local hardware store. Alternatively, a removable chalkboard wall decal with a magnetic film can be bought and adhered to the wall.

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Kitchen trends for 2016


Designers report the trend in 2016 is moving away from glass splashbacks, aluminum kicks and island benches with waterfall sides. Stainless steel appliances, sinks, tapware and handles are only going to date your kitchen.

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Dark sinks and tapware are replacing stainless steel says Taylor. Introduce black tapware in a monochrome setting to instantly update your kitchen. Franke does a black sink made out of Tectonite​, which can endure high temperatures and repels liquids and dirt from its surface. Black or white ovens are also in.

Porcelain countertops will be popular in 2016 predicts Taylor. Otherwise known as sintered compact surfaces, porcelain countertops are made of a high-density ceramic that is extremely hard and resistant to scratches, stains and high temperatures. Slabs are very thin and can be installed over an existing benchtop. They come in a wide variety of colours too.

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