5 unexpected things that will drive you crazy when you renovate

1. Tradesmen will see you at your best and your worst

You might start out getting up early and making an effort but after months of having tradies​ in every room of the home from 7am, privacy mishaps will occur.

You will be caught possibly, but not definitely: on the toilet, in your pyjamas having just woken up with a creased face and mad hair, bra-less and/or wrapped in a towel.

Your home is no longer your own so just get used to all the extra people and relax into it. If you can afford it, move out and save everyone the embarrassment.

2. Marital stress will increase and you will lose it with each other at least once

Renovations are stressful and require great patience and tolerance for things not going to plan and vast quantities of paperwork.

Everyone has a tipping point and after a fair few weeks of chaos sharing one toilet with the tradies and having no sink, my moment came after spotting my son’s dirty shoes in with the (supposedly) clean dinner plates.

There were expletives and possibly tears but I can’t remember too much due to the red fog of crazy that came over me and then I dropped a full box of uncooked spaghetti on the floor and with that, we all went out to the pub for dinner. Again.

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