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Israeli Company is sucking water from the Sky


Israel’s Water-Gen has built devices that create and store drinking water by harvesting condensation from the air. It was among a group of Israeli firms that presented their technological innovations at the United Nations General Assembly last week.

Put simply, [our technology] leverages the same process as a dehumidifier, but instead captures and cleans the moisture,” said Arye Kohavi, Water-Gen’s CEO, in an email this week. “This ‘plug-and-drink’ technology is fully independent of existing water infrastructure. All we require is an electrical outlet and the humidity found in the air.”

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San Diego – App to report water wasters


California is in a serious drought and mandatory water-use restrictions are in effect. To help the San Diego region meet its water-use targets, the San Diego County Water Authority and its 24 member agencies developed the When in Drought water waste reporting mobile app. The app enables San Diego County residents to conveniently alert their local water agency to potential water-wasting problems, from broken sprinklers to excessive runoff. –

See more at: http://www.sdcwa.org/when-in-drought-report-waste-mobile-app#sthash.8TfWDoNz.dpuf

Tips for Keeping a Lid on Water Usage


Alyse Ford, Mira Mesa

Every bit counts, and Alyse Ford reminds herself of that every time she bathes or cleans the kitchen. While some conservation-minded water users invest in drought-resistant landscaping, graywater systems and efficient irrigation, others like Ford take a low-tech approach.

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“I lived in Sonoma County during the big drought of the ’70s,” when water conservation became a mantra, Ford wrote. “They also said, ‘Shower with a friend.’ … Remember, this was the ’70s!”

She became convinced that simple changes in habit could make a big difference.

“I took all that to heart and started these practices, and I’ve been doing it ever since,” said Ford, 62. “I’m kind of fanatical about it.”

She takes short, military-style showers and keeps a bucket on hand to capture flows as the water warms up, then hauls that out to her plants. Forgoing a dishwasher, she cleans dishes in buckets in the sink and saves that water for the landscaping as well.

“I try not to have any water run down the drain,” she said.

Ford hopes to install a graywater line soon. In the meantime, she irrigates with rainwater captured in a 50-gallon barrel and several large trash bins.

“I think a lot of it just comes down to awareness and not wanting to waste (water),” Ford said.

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