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SDG&E and city-run alternative compete to provide 100 percent green power in San Diego

The government-run alternative to San Diego Gas & Electric, known as community choice aggregation, is getting some competition from the investor-owned utility.

To reach its goal of using 100 percent green energy by 2035, the city of San Diego has been looking at establishing a community choice program for more than a year.

Now Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s office has said it will also study a plan submitted by SDG&E for going all green within the next two decades.

“We’re excited to transition San Diego to 100 percent renewable energy, and research done this year identified two programs that could help us get there,” said city spokesman Greg Block.

Under community choice, SDG&E would continue to operate the electrical grid and charge for deliver power, but elected officials would assume control of the buying and selling of that electricity from power plants to city customers.

Ratepayers can opt out of the government-run program if they prefer the utility’s rates, potentially creating competition between the two entities.

The utility’s counter proposal to community choice is expected to be released to the public in the next two weeks.

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San Diego – Home sale profit isn’t high

The typical San Diego County home seller made $125,000 on the sale of their home last year, said a Zillow study released Wednesday.

But the payout, during a time of increasing prices throughout the nation, was a lower percentage than more than a dozen major metros. In general, it paid off to hold on to a home for at least eight years to get a better return.

The real estate website crunched the numbers on 33 metros and found the best return on investments for homes have been in Oakland, where homeowners saw a 78 percent return on what they originally paid, or Portland, with 64 percent earned.

San Diego County ranked No. 17 as the best return for buyers, with a 33 percent jump, behind Nashville, Mesa, Philadelphia, Phoenix and other cities.

The Zillow study said that in eight years and 11 months (typical length of stay for a San Diego owner) that a seller earned $16,000 per year on their investment when they sold in 2016.

In just dollars, not percentage gain, San Jose had the best return on investment with sellers pocketing $271,150 after nine years and 8 months of ownership.

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San Diego – Drought tolerant landscaping rebates


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