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San Diego – Green Home Tours Nov 12


The one-day tour, sponsored by the San Diego Green Building Council, aims to celebrate best practices in green residential design and building. Tour goers have the opportunity to see a variety of “green” features in real-life settings and meet industry professionals.

This year’s tour includes 10 residential projects around the county, including a LEED Platinum-certified home in Ramona, homes in Jamul and Campo that feature straw bale construction, a Chula Vista lofts project that incorporated sustainability at all stages of development, and a “green” home remodel in Pacific Beach.

Hours for the self-guided tour are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tickets are $15, or $10 for SDGBC members; tickets for students are $5 (with ID) and children under 16 are admitted free. To learn more or purchase tickets, visit http://www.usgbc-sd.org.

more info at: http://usgbc-sd.org/event-2296833

San Diego – Better fire protection may lower insurance rates

organization that weighs fire risks has determined that San Diego’s backcountry is safer after years of investments, a declaration that may make it possible for property owners in the county’s rural stretches to buy fire insurance for the first time or to pay lower premiums on existing policies.

The improved rating from the Insurance Service Office came after the Board of Supervisors created the San Diego County Fire Authority in 2008 and spent hundreds of millions of dollars to improve fire protection in 1.5 million acres of the backcountry after major fires in 2003 and 2007.

The county put various fire agencies under one command, and added more career firefighters, staffing, equipment, training and communication systems. The investments cut response times by 30%, the county said.

The fire protection and the improved rating is a big deal for people who live in rural parts of the county, according to Supervisor Dianne Jacob.

“What this means is not only can they get fire insurance, it lowers the cost of fire insurance in much of this area,” she said.

The $350 million worth of improved rural fire protection is also important for people who live in more populated areas, she added.

read more at: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-san-diego-wildfire-risk-20160909-snap-story.html

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San Diego: County Program to help Homeowners Makeover Landscaping


When newcomers to the San Diego County Water Authority’s WaterSmart landscaping program tackle the prospect of giving their yards a water-saving makeover, their first questions aren’t about what they should tear out and what they should plant instead. It turns out their first questions are much more basic. Primal, even.

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“Who can do this for me? Who can I hire? Can I really do this myself?” said Joni German, assistant water resources specialist for the San Diego County Water Authority. “I think people just don’t know where to start. They don’t know that there can be a well-defined planning process to evaluating their landscape, thinking about what they’ve got and what they want.”

While San Diego’s water-savings numbers rebounded in March after a backsliding February, the WaterSmart program is still all about getting residents started on the path to drought-friendly efficiency. And that path just got a whole lot easier to navigate.

In addition to the existing three-hour workshop and four-class series (both of which are free), the WaterSmart Landscaping Makeover menu now includes a new Video On Demand series. The 17 videos, most clocking in at 3 to 8 minutes, allow you to traverse the makeover thickets at your own speed and in your own time. They cover everything from drawing up a landscaping plan to picking plants, retooling your irrigation and dumping your turf for good.

Get this (garden) party started

You will find the video series on the water authority’s WaterSmart Landscape Makeover page (landscapemakeover.watersmartsd.org). There are two introductory videos, followed by a six-step program that starts with “Identify Your Landscape Target” (how much water do you want to save and what types of plants and irrigation systems will get you there) and ends with “Care for Your WaterSmart Landscape.” (Hint: There will be weeding.)

The videos are short, but they are packed with information, so binge-watching is not recommended. (Although if you can keep track of the “Game of Thrones” hierarchy, you can probably handle “Toss Your Turf” and “Irrigate Like a Pro” in one sitting. Clearly, you rule.)

If you want to dip your toes in the knowledge pool, start with the two introductory videos, “WaterSmart San Diego County” and “WaterSmart Course Overview.” The former guides you through the features of a water-saving design, and the latter briefs you on what to expect from the upcoming course. There are also reassuring reminders that you don’t have to re-do your whole yard to make a difference.

read more at: http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/2016/may/06/water-saving-landscaping-tips-san-diego-county/

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