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Home Buyers are Willing to Pay extra for Smart Homes

smart home

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Could “smart home” technology — features such as network-connected thermostats, security devices, appliances and lighting — help you sell your home faster and for more?

Probably so, according to recent consumer polling data plus anecdotal reports from appraisers and realty agents. The key, though, is that the smart products need to be installed before you list your house, because most buyers in 2016 don’t want to have to install them on their own. They want things pretty much turnkey.

The latest in an ongoing series of research projects by Coldwell Banker Real Estate found that 71 percent of buyers out of a sample of 1,250 American adults want a “move-in ready” house and that 57 percent of those buyers looking at older houses would consider them updated, and more appealing as move-in ready, if they have smart home features already in place.

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House of Future Takes Green to Extreme

Sometime in the early 2000s, when I was a Los Angeles-based national correspondent at the Chicago Tribune, I was assigned to cover the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. What was most interesting to me was the product designers’ vision of the house of the future.

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The big idea then was accessing music, movies, sports, photos and the Internet from the TV. They were pushing the concept of having multiple screens throughout the house — including one embedded into the door of the refrigerator — so you wouldn’t have to miss a moment of that important game if you didn’t want to wait for the commercial to grab a snack.

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That idea, of course, is long outdated, conceived before the widespread use of smart phones, which now allow you to do all that without spending thousands of dollars to rewire your house. Today’s house of the future focuses not on entertainment, but conservation.

For this week’s cover story, I got an exclusive look at a model home in Waldorf built by KB Home that is aimed at saving owners big bucks in electricity and water costs. The solar-powered, “net-zero” house is designed to produce more energy than it uses and save up to 50,000 gallons of water a year.

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A Smarter Home On the Horizon – Let Your Home Worry About You

There are homes that are smart because they’re programmed to perform the tasks that we tell them to do, such as adjusting the heat, turning off the lights, closing the drapes. Then there’s the kind of smart house that figures out what needs to be done without being told because it “knows” you.

It’s a concept that’s simultaneously wonderful and scary — we’re talking about our homes reasoning that a departure from our daily habits may be cause for alarm.

Are you ready for your house to be worried about you? You might be if you were of a rather advanced age and determined to live on your own.

About 40 seniors, average age 85, have for the last year lived alone in apartments filled with 30 to 40 motion, temperature and other sensors that gather data on such things as when they get up in the morning, when they eat, when they shower, make phone calls or have friends over. In other words, silent sentinels are tracking their every move and trying to learn what’s normal for them, in order to be able to figure out if they’re behaving in a way that merits concern — illness, a fall, failure to take urgently needed medicine. The home might intuit that they’re not getting much face time from others and could be in need of a visit. Or that their cognitive skills may be slipping.

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